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Staying young and radiant means taking care of yourself and your skin. Phytomer is a leader is facial product research and development.  What you do at home is only one part of this equation. The other is receiving a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if necessary) and corrective mask and serums only a spa facial can provide. When you come in a treat yourself to a spa facial you are doing your part to slow down the hands of time.

Facials are more economical than you think. For weeks after a facial, your skin will appear radiant, resilient and evenly-toned.

Regular Facial Prices:

60 minutes ..............$90 (extractions by request, serum & face massage)

75 minutes ..............$115 (includes extractions by request, serum application,                                                     face massage  and a  purifying back treatment)

Youth Revealing (XMF)                                                                                                                                    (Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial) 

XMF (EXTRA MARINE FILLER: A HIGH-TECH MARINE SUGAR) is an advanced ingredient that creates an invisible film on the skin surface to instantly beautify and visibly correct signs of aging.  PHYTOMER has added an Morio Orchid extract (a rare plant, found on the coasts of Brittany France) that works to protect the skin’s elasticity and resilience.  Wrinkles are less deep. The skin appears more even.  With continued use skin is smoother, firmer and more luminous. 

75 minutes ........... $145 (includes purifying back treatment) 

Extended Youth                                                                                                                                                 (Anti-Aging Facial) 

This anti aging facial is designed to RESURFACE the skin using the resurfacing Multi-Exfoliant.  Marine Samphire oil is known for its ability to mimic the rejuvenating actions of Retinol to reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum and boost cell renewal.  Then we massage the face with our wrinkle filling wax which helps fill wrinkles four ways:  fills wrinkles (Hyaluronic Acid Spheres), solidifies the skin’s support tissue to cement newly filled wrinkles (Dilsea carnosa), tightens the skin by densifying the tissues (Dictyopterys oil), smoothes wrinkles (Marine Samphire oil).  Then we complete your treatment with a tensing smoothing mask to firm and smooth skin leaving your complexion feeling rejuvenated and more youthful.

60 minutes ........... $115

75 minutes ........... $130 (includes purifying back treatment) 

Sea Water Pearls Facial                                                                                                                                                                                 (Deluxe Hydrating)

Treat your skin to this luxurious hydrating facial and let the sea plump your skin for a healthy hydrated glow.  Weaving algae restructures the skin's water reserves to prevent dehydration while glasswort oil improves the flow of water in the skin for a thirst quenching effect.  Pheohydrane derivered from a red brown algae restructures the skin barrier and traps water in the tissues.   Water retention is immediate and moisturizing effect is long lasting.

60 minutes ........... $100

75 minutes ........... $115 (includes purifying back treatment) 

Vie Beautifying Treatment                                                                                                                                                                              (Deluxe Refining Facial)

Vie Peel Beauty Treatment is a medically inspired exfoliation to renew the skin. This beauty treatment is a chemical facial peel. While ensuring optimal tolerance, it provides complete skin resurfacing to correct skin imperfections and signs of aging.  The objective: perfect skin and “instant rejuvenation”. 

From the first treatment the complexion is more radiant, dark spots fade and wrinkles diminish.

60 minutes ........... $95

75 minutes ........... $110 (includes purifying back treatment)

City Life Facial                                                                                                                                                      (Detoxifying & hydrating)         

Like a sea breeze, CITYLIFE cream sweeps away toxic microparticles and repairs skin damage caused by pollution: dehydration, signs of fatigue, dark spots and a dull and sallow complexion. Its prowess comes not only from its sorbet texture, which instantly refreshes, but also from its expert anti-pollution formula. 

CITYLIFE reoxygenates tired eyes and at the same time diffuses mineral water into dehydrated and asphyxiated skin for complete moisture renewal.  

HydraBlue Facial                                                                                                                                                                                (dry or dehyrdated skin)         

Discovered the exceptional power of Weaving Algae for restructuring the skin's water reserves. An unprecedented marine ingredient this laminar brown algae improves water retention capacity in the very heart of the skin, the extracellular matrix.  Using polarized water molecules and Sea Buckthorne oil to seal in moisture for a long lasting hydrating effect. 

A complete and ultra-moisturizing beauty treatment for visibly replumped skin, a more radiant complexion, and optimal relaxation.

Absolute Glow Facial                                                                                                                                           (Uneven or hyperpigmentation skin)

Improve skin pigment balance from sun damage, age spot as well as acrne scars with this unique facial.                                 Dictyopteris extract has a brightening action , Sea Lily extract reduces dark spots and Sea stem complex acts on wrinkles. The Luminous completion mask completes this facial by lighting up the complexion and help capture impurities while delivering an immediate burst of radiance.  Helps brighten and even out skin tone to reveal healthy more youthful skin

Purifying Sea Breeze Facial                                                                                                                                    (Combination or oily skin)

A breath of fresh air for combination, oily, and clogged skin.  An oxygenating and purifying beauty treatment that helps reduce shine and blemishes allowing the complexion to regain all of its luminosity. The skin is deep-cleansed and detoxified.  Help eliminated impurities and restore balance to your skin with this deep cleansing facial.

Acnipur Facial                                                                                                                                                    (Acne prone or oily skin)

Correct your skins imbalances and regain its purity for clearer, less oily and blemish free complexion.  Our Acnipur facial treatment acts on the 4 visible signs of oily skin with blemishes.  Reducing excess sebum production and matify skin while diminishing pimples and black heads to help even out skin texture and erase inflammation and redness.  Find your skin's balance today.  

Marine Douceur Facial Treatment                                                                                                                            (Sensitive or  reactive skin)

A complete treatment ideal for sensitive skin.  Find strengthen and proctect your delicate skin with this complete soothing facial. Strengthens the skin and evens out the complexion by targeting redness and irritated areas.  Marine Flavonoids (green algae) limit the appearance of small undesirable vessels on the skin and reinforce the resilience.  Marine Procollagen Peptides (Chlorella) stimulate collagen synthesis and reduces the visibility of small vessels.  Marine spring water calms, soothes, limits stinging and redness. The Comfort Shield mask comforts the skin and shelters it from environmental stress while soothing and softening skin 

Gentlemen Sports Facial                                                               

This facial is tailored to the special demands of a man's skin. Men's skin has a thicker epidermis (the stratum corneum is 20% thicker than in women) and a higher number of  skin cells.  It also has increasingly resistance (contains 22% more collagen, which explains why the skin’s aging process begins later than it does in women).  But men's skin also has a higher number of sebaceous secretion (30% higher) causing increasingly oily skin, dilated pores and a coarser skin texture.  Shaving and environment factors make skin sensitive, dehydrated and polluted.  Marine Oxhylium is a red algae extract that is naturally rich in calcium and magnesium (which men's skin lacks) with powerful oxygenating and detoxifying properties.  

Helps refine and maintain balance in your man's sking with this oxygenating and purifying facial.  Even men deserve to be pampered 

Facial Enhancements

Lip Treatment         Get smooth kissable lips with this complete lip treatment. .  Includes lip exfoliation, mask and moisturizier. $15

Anti Aging Mask     Ungrade to Phytomer's tensing firming anti aging mask.  $15

AHA Exfoliation      Stimulates cell reproduction to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines & imperfections. $15

Eye Delight             Reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles with this eye contour treatment.  $15

Eye Supreme      This deluxe eye treatment include eye balm and specialized massage and deluxe eye mask   $20

Waxing Add ons

Brow Shaping ............$15

Lip     ............................$10

Brow & Lash Tint .......$35


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